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A Quick Overview of Jan-Nov 2019’s China Imported Wine Data - I

Despite currently in China all business activities are affected by the coronavirus disease impact (which caused the release delay of December and the whole year’s statistics), we still provide to our readers the 11 months in 2019’s wine import statistics to show the insight of the wine market situation.

*1 The percentage point in the bracket denotes the weighted ratio to the total value and volume respectively.

*2 The Chinese Custom generated this division for statistical purpose starting 2017 which refers to large bottle sizes like Double Magnum/Jéroboam (3L), etc. This category’s custom tariff is charged at 20% (same as bulk wine) which differs to bottle wine’s (packing volume ≤ 2L) 14%.

The growth rates of 2019 to 2018 in the same period (Jan – Nov) in each product division are:

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