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Wine Import to China Dropped 33% in the First 5 Months in 2020

Wine imported to China from January to May 2020 slumped 33% on both volume and values comparing to the same period last year. See the below table the details of the breakdown on each category:

With the unexpected outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in late January right before the Chinese Lunar New Year holiday (aka Spring Festival), this made almost most business and economic activities halt in February as all Chinese people were demanded to detain at home to avoid being infected by the disease.

From the below table, it shown the year-on-year changes on the import volume and values. As there had very few (if not none) activities in February, the Chinese Customs released a January plus February combined figures the first time while it was believed most of the numbers occurred in January.

The volume growth (23.17%) in March mainly contributed by the bulk wine category, the import volume and value were 196,171 hectoliters (+112.46%) and US$19.1895 million (+88.02%) respectively.

The top ten wine exporting countries to China in the first five months were:

The top 10 wine exporting countries occupied 96.24% (by value) market share.

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