Wine Imported to China Dropped in Volume – 2018 Data

The momentum of Chinese imported wine business experienced a blow due to political and economic factors (especially the Sino-US trade war). This was the first-time slow down since 2014 (Chinese government imposed austerity measure and anti-corruption campaign in 2013).

Almost all sectors dropped in volume (from 4% to 11%), and thanks to the increasing average unit price which helped making a slight growth (2.11%) to the total import to US$2.856 billion (from US$2.797 billion in 2017).

In the bulk wine sector, the drastic increase (32%) of average unit price (from US$0.88/liter in 2017) offset the 11% plunge of import volume which still contributed 17% growth in dollar value.

The percentage ratio in each category is almost the same as in 2017. Bottled wine (≤ 2 liters) still dominated 90% and almost three-quarters in value and volume respectively.

#importedwinedata #bulkwine

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