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2017 China Imported Wine Data & Analysis III – Sparkling Wine

The sparkling wine market rebounded from 2016’s drop to 2017’s +33.03% (-7.9%) and +4.57% (-3.25%) growth in value and volume respectively. While this niche drink market occupied only 2.69% in value and 1.75% in volume to the total imported wine market in China.

The average unit price (per liter) increased 27.2% from 2016’s US$4.51 to 2017’s US$5.74. The import value was in line with the 45%/55% import ratio in first half and second half of the year as the bottled wine sector.

The below chart shown the data of almost all sparkling wine exporting countries to China in 2017:

The top 5 players took almost 95% of the whole sparkling wine market in both value (95.92%) and volume (94.86%). The French sparkling wine had the biggest pie of the share in value and dominated the high-end market (at an average unit price of US$18.68/liter which largely outrun the others). While Italian sparkling wine had the largest share of volume imported to China.

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