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2017 China Imported Wine Data & Analysis II – Bottled Wine

The below chart shows the main division of the imported wine into China in 2017, bottled wine with a volume not more than 2-liter (≤ 2L) packing, which occupied shares of 91% and 74% to the total import by value and volume respectively:

The top 5 players fetched 90% of the market, French wines was still the market leader who occupied over 40% of the market share, while Australian wines accomplished a stronger growth to minimize the lead. Bulgarian wines performed a remarkable result (130% growth) and Montenegro wines was the first time entering the top 20 list (replacing Macedonian wines).

South African wines and Austrian wines were the largest losers by sales value and volume, which were -29.7% / -18.31% and -19.11% / -11.88% respectively.

From statistics, the sale accomplished in the first half (1H) year and the 2H was 45% to 55% (by value). Bulgarian wines outperformed other international counterparts by achieving a 35% (1H) and 65% (2H) result.

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