2017 China Imported Wine Data & Analysis I - General Overview

The Chinese Custom released a week ago the wine import data in the different divisions as the below chart:

*1 The percentage point in the bracket denotes the weighted ratio to the total value and volume respectively.

*2 The Chinese Custom generated this new division for statistical purpose starting 2017 which may refer to large bottle sizes like Double Magnum/Jéroboam (3L), Jéroboam (Bordeaux) (4.5-5L), Impérial/Muthusalem (6L) and Salmanazar (9L).

The growth rates of 2017 to 2016 in each product division are (% in bracket denotes growth rates in 2016):

* The data of the two product divisions (2L<W ≤ 10L and bulk wine (> 10L)) are combined to produce the statistics so to maintain the consistency on comparing the data in 2016.

Overall the growth momentum still maintained and kept at a healthy and steady pace. Bulk wine contributed and achieved a much better result while the sparkling wine sector restored to a more rational consumption pattern and higher quality products were more appealed to the consumers.

More detailed analysis in each product sector will be followed from upcoming publications.

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Remarks: The Editor has made corrections on February 27th to the data highlighted in red colour above and apologize for the mistakes made due to typing error and processing of the numbers.

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