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A New Passage to Transport Wines from Europe to China

Almost all shipment of wines to China are made by maritime transportation, except for shipping fine wines or rushing an urgent order (freight still needs to be justified) will be made by air freight or courier service.

Many European wine producers still not know that there is an alternative to ship wines to China by railway. Operated by China Railway Express (aka CRE), this option shortens half of the transportation time comparing to traditional sea freight and costs only a factor of air freight charges.

The first cargo rail was set on March 19, 2011 from Chongqing, one of the four China’s municipalities located in south-western China to Duisburg, Germany. Since then, accompanying and facilitating by the Belt and Road Initiative (China’s new bold win-win foreign and economic development strategies from 2013), it has expanded and till now been developed and operated 14 routes.

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