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Selling Wine to China is a Sophisticated Marketing Engineering Work - Deal with it in a Complex Appr

Will any wine producers (wineries) export their wines by using one single marketing and sales approach? Very likely not, even to a country like China, it is not only vast in area coverage and populous, but also complex enough in terms of her diverse territories, dialects spoken, as well as domestic folk cultures, habits and customs in respect to different regions (generally on provincial basis).

A recent article by Jeff Desjardins of Visual Capitalist who listed the top 35 Chinese biggest economic cities who each has the economic power as a country (in GDP).

By knowing and having this in mind, how would any wine marketers sell to the Chinese market by using only one methodology? The wine market needs differentiated in terms of regions (on provincial basis), consumers’ level (their seniority and level of knowledge to wine), types of wine (e.g. table wine, fine wine, etc.), prices and market positioning. These all associate with a lot of market study and work prior to simply entering the Chinese marketplace with your wine products, a simple plan and a tiny budget.

One highlight is, in order to efficiently and effectively using your promotion money and spending your effort and work, the MegaRegions or City Cluster (read the above linked article) approach is highly recommended for consideration. Sometimes success in one place is better than hard-fight everywhere, considering each city has a country’s size and scale.

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