Bulk Wine Exporters – Where Should Your Work Focus On ?

The below chart shows the largest bulk wine importing provinces/municipalities which could be used as an indicator for international bulk wine exporters to where they should focus their sales and promotion work on. From the 2016’s data, Shandong Province alone took away 65% and 59% of share in volume and value respectively.

Top 10 Bulk Wine Import Provinces / Municipalities - 2016

2016 Bulk Wine Import Data

To further differentiate into a larger region to study and review, these large importing provinces and municipalities, they all lie along the coast from north to south. From the northern region includes Shandong, Hebei, Tianjin and Beijing, the eastern region includes Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces, then to Fujian and Guangdong who each is a unique market, which produces the below chart according to their geographical location and market share.

The reason for large bulk wine import in the northern region is due to many Chinese large wine producers who need these imported bulk wine to facilitate and supplement their product range by using it to blend with their own products as well as doing a re-bottling and sold as an import bottled wine, and most of these large domestic wine producers are based in Shandong Province.

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