China Imported Wine Data, Bulk Wine, 1H-2017

Starting 2017, the former bulk wine sector (bottling size: > 2 liters) was further divided into:

a). 2 liters up to 10 liters (2L < w ≤ 10L), and

b). 10 liters up ( > 10 liters)

The below chart is the import bulk wine data to those packing larger than 10 liters. The top three export countries: Chile, Australia and Spain aggregately occupied 86.08% and 86.15% share in volume and value respectively. Wines from nine countries had an average unit price less than US$1.00 per liter. Portugal, South African and Spanish bulk wines had the lowest per liter price tag @US$0.50 plus/minus.

Although the new segment (2L < w ≤ 10L), its value and volume are insignificant (0.32% & 0.51% respectively to total wine import) while it may still be interested to some wineries in this niche sector. The below table provides the data for review and reference for the first six months:

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