China Imported Wine Data, Sparkling Wine, 1H-2017

The total import of sparkling wine into China for the first 6 months in the year valued US$34 million and had a volume closed to 6.72 million liters. This made an average of US$5.07/liter and occupied a 2.73% share in the total imported wine market.

* The blue colour shown the top 5 highest unit pricing and the red colour shown the bottom 5’s pricing.

The leaders - French, Italian and Spanish sparkling wines still dominated the sparkling wine market sector, holding a total share of 90.94% and 87.98% in value and in volume respectively.

While the pricing performance varied quite significantly from as high as to French sparkling wine to US$17.18/liter to the lowest Ukrainian sparkling only costed US$1.78/liter.

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