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Last Call: Small to Medium-Size Wineries, Don’t Miss this Budget Yet Well-Planned Wine Promotion Cam

It is always a big challenge to small-to-medium size wineries (SMWs) if they want to promote and sell their wine products to international market, not to mention in a territory like China (the best potential marketplace in the next 20 to 30 years), with her culture and business practices very different to the Western economy.

Besides the culture and the language barriers, one lies ahead in front of all SMWs is the financial commitment to open this Oriental market. Marketing, it’s never a term applicable to SMWs. They could afford merely the cost to promote and sell.

Backing up with many years’ experience by’s professional team, we are carefully plan, carve and produce this budgetary yet forceful promotion campaign, specifically fit to those SMWs who want to open and share a piece of the pie of the Chinese wine market.

You would only need to spend about one-third of the traditional marketing expenditure, but with a precisely planned and executed by experience team to help SMWs to realize their Chinese business dream. You could download our handbook with all detailed information about where, when, how much and what to do in order to effectively execute this promotional campaign, with the help of our experience team members.

Click here to download the City-Roadshow Promotion Campaign Guide Book !

If you’d be interested, you could contact me (Eddie Wong) by email at or WeChat (ID: Eddie-CNWineBiz) to discuss your specific need. Note the deadline to register into this promotion campaign is in a countdown.

#smalltomediumsizewineries #SMWs

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