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Does Chinese Drink Wine In Restaurant (Why Wine On-trade Business Doesn't Work in Chinese Restau

Although wine is getting more and more popular among Chinese consumers, wine consumption at Chinese restaurants is still not a favorable spending behavior in China. However, it provides a huge growing potential should the industry overcome these challenges.

  1. Traditionally wine is never a profit-making sector in restaurant operators’ mind (while beer and bai-jiu are having a totally different position);

  2. To those Chinese restaurants who have a wine menu, many of them just did it merely for having one (better than nothing and to maintain their upper-class profile);

  3. The wine portfolio in the menu is weak and, not comprehensive and professionally made;

  4. Restaurant service team (even manager and captain) are never been trained to acquire adequate knowledge to introduce and promote wines to their diners;

  5. Chinese consumers tend to bring with their own wines as they have no knowledge and no confidence to wines that restaurants are carrying (these have quality, pricing and counterfeiting wine concerns);

  6. No sommelier service and support in Chinese restaurants (not like their western restaurant counterparts);

  7. The wine-drinking process and etiquette service are hardly provided and supported by the restaurants’.

Wine-appreciation and drinking is a culture and Chinese food has been famous for her combination of color, flavor, taste and diversity. The proper matching and pair of the two would definitely escalate the eating/drinking experience, and subsequently enhancing wine consumption and sales at the dining place.

Dining-out is a very important consuming habit in nowadays Chinese middle classes* (over 300 million people?) which constitutes a significant part in Chinese economy. Actually has made study and experiments, the proper procedures on serving the dishes (e.g. cold dishes, appetizer, seafood with white or rosè wine, then hot food dishes with red wine) will highly enhance personal drinking/eating experience, which vary the general practice now in most Chinese restaurants serving everything in one shot (could you imagine how messy to have a full table of cold and hot dishes together with a glass of red wine).

It is the industry concern and motives to figure out a proper approach on how to associate wine and the Chinese dishes serving in a Chinese restaurant. If properly done, it will boom the wine industry’s future.

* It is estimate Chinese middle-class will grow to 700 million by 2020.

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