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A Budgeted-Marketing Campaign Package For Wine Exporters To China (4 City Roadshow Wine-Tasting Eve

First-tier cities like Beijing, Shanghai & Guangzhou are always the largest potential market but may not exactly fit to newcomers as very competitive.

We select carefully the below cities as the new entry market for your wine business to work on. This budgeted wine promotion package is designed which includes:

4 City Roadshow Wine-Tasting Events + InterWine Guangzhou in November 2017

The details are listed below:

City roadshow wine-tasting event:

Venue: 5-star hotel

Timing: 13:30 – 17:30

Organizer will provide all required glass wares, ice, water, spitter, ice bucket, etc.

Recruiting wineries are expected 12 – 15 (minimum 9 participating wineries to validate)

You don’t even need to be present as we’ll have well-trained, professional Chinese wine business staff to run as your representative to receive and entertain all guests and visitors. You only need to dispatch your wine and brochures (and we even produce the Chinese translated materials for you). And of course we’ll be more than happy if you would take part personally to in-charge in the event.

The final session will be in a large common-base exhibition in InterWine in Guangzhou in November 12th to 14th.

The total cost of all five (5) events is CNY 37,500 (in EUR 4,990, or USD 5,450, or AUD 7,375). This is only the cost which you take part in an international class wine exhibition for about 9-12 sq.m. area size (yet includes all other incidental expenses, e.g. your trip, etc.)

This is a real bargain (probably 60% - 65% off the normal market price). Take action and tell us how you want us to help.

Should you be interested and want to learn more in details, please contact us at, we’ll respond and contact you shortly.

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