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WeChat changes the landscape of all (including wine) business promotions in China

China outruns most of (if not all) her international counterparts in internet marketing. Unlike the western economies (Europeans, Americans, … etc.), there still holds a significant ratio of their internet access and done their jobs on PCs, while Chinese people have switched smoothly to do their jobs and manage their daily living activities, all in their hands, through the use of smartphone. According to CNNIC, until the end of 2016, 695 million (or 95.1%) out of 731 million of Chinese using their mobile devices to access the internet.

Some examples show in the below photos:

Fig. 1 A QR code hangout in all retailers in a traditional market (vegetables, tofu (or bean curd), fruits, butcher, frozen meat, noodle booth). These QR codes are used for scanning by shoppers’ WeChat account in their mobile device to validate an instant payment, without any cash involved.

Fig. 2 All advertising posters seen in China were all put the marketers’ QR codes (which lead to their WeChat Official Account, or WOA) for potential customers to scan and follow, so to read for the details of the products, the marketer, and/or a promotion campaign.

90% of these Chinese consumers are using their mobile devices to access the internet, and you may not know, many of them, prior to using their smartphones, have never used a PC and not to mention surfing on the internet. While WeChat now is a MUST-use function by almost everyone in China who owns a smartphone (whether Apple iPhone or Android phone), who spends time from tens of minutes to several hours every day. is not a stakeholder, nor an agent or promoter of WeChat (no economic interest to, the developer and parent company of WeChat). While we feel we are obliged to let all international wineries, who enter China for business, know, WeChat is a must-have tool by all international wineries, if you are really serious and care of your wine business promotion in China. Your WeChat Official Account (WOA) not only associates to your interest, it also includes your customers-no matter who is a distributor or an end-user drinker to your wines.

Wineries who are interested to make one, please contact me at, my team or I will respond to you shortly and discuss on how to help you to build one.

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