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Where Should You Invest Your Money for Your Wine Promotion in China?

Look to other places for better wine business opportunities besides the hottest cities

International wine marketers always start their wine business adventure and exploration in China starting from large cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. It is true for years till now all these international class wine exhibitions are held in these big cities. These cities are the largest potential yet very competitive. Unless you come with a big pocket (budget) and ready for doing this in long term commitment (it’s not only 1 year, it is a multiple year investment).

China has grown herself into a healthier economy ecology and provides an even-and-well-distributed economy structure all over China besides the top cities and coastal provinces in the old era starting in the 80s in the last century.

Shanghai’s CBN Weekly recently conducted a survey based on the opening of retail outlets by 160 brand-name enterprises in China’s 338 prefectural-level cities, and analysis of users’ data from 14 internet companies. They ranked China’s prefectural-level cities into 6 classes according to 5 judging criteria which are: a) Convergence of business resources, b) Pivotability of the city, c) Vitality of the city’s people, d) Diversity of lifestyle & e) Fabricability into the future.

The top (1st-tier city) remains the same: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Quasi-1st-tier city has 15, who are:

* Municipalities has the same political status as a province and are under the direct governance of the State Council.

These are the cities that international wine marketers, no matter you are new or have been in the Chinese market for some time, should look into and make your move to deploy your next round marketing and sales campaign.

For reference: there are 30 cities in the 2nd-tier city, 3rd-tier city has 70, 4th-tier city has 90, and the other 129 cities belong to the 5th-tier city.

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