An Overview and Analysis to China’s Wine Market

Although China owns the 2nd largest vineyard area in the world (11% of the world’s total), it’s wine production volume only ranked the 5th of the world’s total output.

In 2016, Chinese local wine production was 11.37 million hectoliters, 1% drop comparing in 2015 and it was the fourth consecutive year decrease since 2012’s 13.80 million hectoliter production volume. The decrease was mainly due from the irregularities of local wine-grape viticulture, and the competition and impact from her international counterparts.

According to 2016’s domestic wine production and imported wine volume (6.38 million hectoliters), the total supply ratio of the two is 64% (Chinese wine) to 36% (imported wine) in the Chinese wine market. However, a very large portion of bulk wine imported (packing volume > 2 liters) was used to blend with Chinese produced wine, then bottled and packed sold under Chinese brands, in this case, the post-adjusted ratio was approximately 72% to 28%. This meets the 70% (Chinese produced wine) / 30% (imported wine) estimate by China National Association of Liquor and Spirits Circulation.

With the popularity and more reasonable pricing of imported wine, the imported wine will eventually occupy one-third or more of China’s wine market share. If counting in value, imported wine will occupy 40% to 45% of the total wine market value, which is currently estimate a 100 billion-yuan (US$14.38 billion or EUR 13.68 billion) consumer market.

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