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A Must-Know Fact To Your Wine Marketing & Promotion In China - What is WeChat and how it could h

In many of my articles and reports in the past, probably you could still remember that I always mention WeChat, and many may doubt that what this WeChat is, and what does it have anything to do with my wine export business to China.

Spare some time to watch these films which I have gone through, selected and recommended for your information and reference. You would discover it’s a big treasure on using WeChat as your can-opener to your wine business in China, reaching your Chinese customers, to every of them, if you get a knack.

Entering the Chinese market? Forget a website, it's Wechat first (5:01)

By ITWC in English, no subtitle, published November 7, 2016

Hear the opinion from Mary Whittle to know how WeChat deeply involves in everyday lives of Chinese people (eventually to international communities who have links to China). My only comment to hers is, it has nothing to do with the Chinese government, at least, no any even the minimal interference into WeChat evolution, it’s purely a market-driven product which drives what WeChat being today, and noted, it’s still evolving. The WeChat development team integrates more and more new features and functions every few months, who aims to improve the well-being and experience of their customers, in China and more and more to her international users.

How China Is Changing Your Internet | The New York Times (5:57)

The New York Times, English, published August 9, 2016

This short film introduces China’s internet structure from a general view and WeChat, then a demonstration on how powerful is WeChat could help doing in our everyday life.

China's WeChat Goes Beyond Social Networking (2:46)

Wall Street Journal, English, no subtitle, published September 16, 2014

WeChat works on both mobile devices (smart mobile phones and tablets) as well as on desktop/laptop PCs. It mentioned a bit about WeChat Official Accounts (which we recommend and proposing to international winery clients) and other features.

There’re many more if you are interested and get time to learn more below, and to those who want to build their own WeChat Official Account (WOA) or have any questions, feel free to contact us at for a proposal, we could help customized to your individual need and requirements.


More References:

WeChat’s Four Platforms for Businesses and Developers (4:31)

By WeChat, English, English subtitle, published October 17, 2016

This film provides the fundamental information what WeChat offers to business world who they could capitalize to build and develop their businesses through WeChat to reach their prospective Chinese customers.

Discovery WeChat Documentary Film (12:25)

By China Channel in English, Chinese subtitle, published February 29, 2016

A further in-depth insight to know what WeChat is and how WeChat closely integrates into Chinese people’s everyday life.

WeChat and mCommerce in China (2:32)

By China Skinny, Engish, English subtitle, published September 17, 2013

How WeChat are heavily bonded Chinese into their everyday living, and brand owners could use this as their strategies to deploy their marketing budget (this is an old film while it still provides an insight to open Westerners’ mind on how to deploy their marketing in China)

WeChat: Transforming Business (2:48)

By WeChat, English, English subtitle, published October 17, 2016

A latest commercial from WeChat, a general overview of what WeChat could do to help everyone in the business, no matter you’re the producer, provider or the consumer.

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