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2016 China’s Imported Wine Data IV – Sparkling Wine Market Is Still In Top-Tier Cities

The sparkling wine import continued a declining trend and getting to be stable in 2017. It is a niche but still not a favorable wine drink to most of Chinese wine consumers. Sparkling wine marketers should focus and spend most of their effort in the three most developed regions in China where most of sparkling wine (80%) sold in these three markets, i.e. Shanghai, Beijing and Guangdong Province.

Overall every 50 bottles of wine sold last year, one bottle was sparkling wine. While the ratio in non-top-tier cities would be far fewer.

The table below shown the top 10 sparkling wine exporting countries (in both volume and value) to China in 2016 and they accounted for 98% and 98.7% respectively. Italian’s led in the volume while the French won in value with their famous Champagne.

Below are the charts shown the trend of volume and price data since 2013.

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