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2016 China’s Imported Wine Data III – Bulk Wine (> 2 Liter) An Insight and Analysis to Where Thes

Although the value of bulk wine imported in 2016 only occupied 4.77% to the total import wine, while it still occupied 22.54% in terms of total import volume. The import of bulk wine in 2016 was slightly the same as in 2015 (2.1 million liters less or 1.5% decrease) while the total value increased by 14%. This was mainly contributed by the high unit price of Australian wine (@US$1.02/liter) as the Aussie winemakers’ bulk wine sales increased 127.7% in volume and 164.6% in value comparing in 2015.

The table below is the top 10 bulk wine exporting countries (by volume) to China in 2016 and they accounted for 99.73% of China’s total import in this segment.

If ranking by value, German wines (US$93,817 and 41,022 liters) and Canadian wines (US$86,219 and 41,418 liters) ranked 9th and 10th on replacing Ukrainian wines and Macedonian wines.

Where did these wines go and what were they used for ?

Nearly 80% of these bulk wines were imported to Chinese wine producers in Shandong and Hebei Provinces and Xinjiang Autonomous Region, for wine producers who used to blend with their local-grown wines and were also used to bottle and re-brand their imported wine portfolio so to facilitate their wine product ranges.

Top 10 Bulk Wine Import Provinces/Cities/Autonomous Region

Bulk wines to other importing provinces were purely re-bottle to produce what so-called imported wine to market to Chinese consumers in the second and third-tier cities whose market were price-sensitive. That said price is more important than quality because customers in these regions were less educated and not informative.

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