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2016 China’s Imported Wine Data I – General Information A Moderate and Healthy Growth Year

China experienced a moderate and steady growth in imported wine in 2016, value and volume increased 16% and 15% respectively.

The breakdown according to categories is:

The change in percentage of 2016 vs 2015 is:

The traditional imported bottle-wine segment (≤ 2 liter) still enjoyed a healthy growth attached to China’s 6.7% economic (GDP) growth in 2016. Australian bulk wine overtook Spanish’s to be the number two which might be the reason contributing to the value growth (+14.25%) in the bulk wine segment despite total volume dropped 1.49% (Australian’s @US$1.02/L vs Spanish’s @US$0.57/L). Sparkling wine was still a minority to Chinese consumer preference with approximately 2% in both value and volume.

An insight analysis to the top performing wine-export countries to China will be published in the coming days.

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