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Chinese Consumer Behavior – How It Relates To Your Wine Business in China?

International wineries and wine merchants may not consider selling their wines through internet (online) in China, but it doesn’t mean that you could ignore and know nothing about the internet development in China, as it deeply influences all Chinese people’s daily lives and have made changes to their buying and spending habits, which subsequently affecting your wine marketing strategy and promotional activities towards your prospective Chinese customers.

China now is for sure the most advance country in the world on using internet which highly associates into their daily lives. You can see by the statistics below and would understand how much Chinese people are affected (a report prepared and released by China Internet Network Information Center or CNNIC on January 22, 2017), please pay special attention to numbers related to the use of mobile phone.

By December 2016 China has 731 million people (netizens) surfing on the internet (53.2% of the total population).

Of these 731 million netizens, 695 million of them are surfing internet on their mobile phones (or devices), which was 95.1% of the total netizen population.

67.5% of netizen were making online payment through their mobile phones.

50.3% of netizen using their mobile phones to pay their daily spending in both goods and services, e.g. taxi fare, a bottle of wine, … etc.

With the demanding trend and the popularity of smart phone usage in nearly everybody’s hand, the APP developers have built multi-functional, powerful, yet easy-to-use APP which includes the features of sms, call (both voice and video), social media platform, games, personal wealth management, receive and pay money, paying credit card payment, utilities and buying of public services, plus many integrated third-party value-added services and products, just to name a few. And in China, the only APP who has all the aforesaid features and functions combined is WeChat. According to a recent update, WeChat has a monthly active user base of 800 million (WeChat has started reach out many countries especially to those who have close business and trading links with China).

That says to all wine marketers, WeChat is a platform, a tool, a gateway which all winery owners and wine merchants must carefully study and prepare themselves to meet with this new Chinese consumer behavior and culture. now provides a service to help our international winery and wine merchant clients to build their WeChat Public Account (An website integrated in WeChat platform which could fill in any type of information in the format of graphic, video, music, audio files and voting feature). Interested parties could contact us at and we would help you to build and make this to well-equipped you of this foundation marketing work.

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