Your First Order Is Always Your Last Order!! What Does It Mean And What To Do With It ?

To many international wineries and wine merchants who have taken part to exhibit in wine fairs in China, the “First order, last order” syndrome was not strange to them.

The scenario: international wineries came China to exhibit, if lucky they got known to some distributor clients who are interested to their wines and eventually hammered out deals (from a few pallets up). Congratulations if you made it as to the current market condition, this case seldom occurs (unless you have had taken part consistently in different wine exhibitions). Wines shipped, and how your wines go was on the hand of your distributor, partly his effort and commitment, and partly luck. If business would go well, you might expect a repeated order some time after (months to even a year), or you heard no more again from your distributor customer.

If you make call to follow up the business progress, most probably you would hear from your distributor customer saying “the wine is not selling good (or fast enough), customers complain the price was high”. Was this the truth? You never knew. Wineries seldom got the true and fair view to the fact of how their wines circulated and sold in the marketplace, especially under inferior business condition, looks price was the only reason to be blamed. Should the business still not perform, your distributor customer would eventually dump the price so to clear the stock, this made harm both to the wineries’ reputation and especially to those wine labels, which would make them more difficult to sell to new distributor customers because of the bad record (many pricing information could be tracked from the internet nowadays).

Then international wineries and wine merchants would fall into the loop and need to exhibit continuously, again and again, from one exhibition to another exhibition in China to find and meet their next customers, without the synergy and accumulation from their past marketing investment.

Remember, successfully sell to a new distributor customer is just the beginning of your next challenge on exploring the China wine market, there’re many more to do instead of just handing your wines to your distributor customers.

International wineries and wine merchants could contact us at for a diagnosis and analysis to any queries concerning this “First-order, last-order” syndrome to your wine business.

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