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Selling Wine into China Without Knowing (& Using) WeChat – Unbelievable

Firstly I represent my team at to wish all our international winery owners and wine merchants a successful Year 2017, especially to your wine business development in China.

At the beginning of the year, I’m here to quote an old Chinse proverb: “Sharp Tools Make Good Work”, which leads to the topic of this article - WeChat, a super app which no one could ignore on doing business in China.

WeChat (after installed on your mobile phones) helps you accessed and connected to all Chinese potential customers (this was 780 million or 57% of China’s 1.37 billion by the end of 2015). Its power and features covers most, if not all, of what you are using everyday home, i.e. Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype, Viber, … just to name a few, but much richer and more than those just quoted.

In China, you could leave home without your wallet, but you could barely survive without your smartphone (that highly relates to many powerful apps in the market, and WeChat is among the head of all, and with China’s fantastic telecom backbone infrastructure backup - 4G/3G, WiFi). even proposed Facebook to copy WeChat.

I’ll be more than happy to connect, chat and talk to my international wine business friends after you install your WeChat on your mobile devices, so to communicate and answer all your queries and questions, regarding how wine business operated in China.

You could find and connect me after opening WeChat, either a). type in 18666098890 (which is my Chinese mobile number dedicated for international wine business clients) after pressing the lens sign, or b). scan the below QR code by pressing the “+” button, then choose ‘Scan QR Code’

* Both the lens sign and the “+” button are on the top right-handed side corner.

So let’s WeChat.

A simple quick guide about WeChat is for download here with more detail information.

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