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Top Bottled-Wine Export Countries to China – To The End of Q3 2016

French, Australian, Chilean, Spanish and Italian wines still dominated China import wine market and occupied 90% market share of the import bottled wine market (90.8% and 89.3% by value and by volume respectively).

Georgian wine maintained the momentum and achieved a big leap growth on both volume (178.23%) and value (115.66%). While German wine, North American wines and South African wine were among the poor performers during this period, especially South African wine dropped over 30% sales in comparison to the same period in 2015.

The above table shown the top 13 bottled-wine export countries to China from January - September 2016

* Bottled wine counts only those packing volumes are below 2 liter-per-bottle and sparkling wine was not counted into this category for statistical purpose.

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