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Do You Know Why Your Wine Exhibition Results Not Rocked ?

Many international wineries keep participating in many wine exhibitions in China, especially every year in May (now there is one more hot month in November), one after another, from Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Beijing, then to a number of other capital cities and large cities in different provinces (except Xiamen has 4 million population, most of these cities have populations from 7 million up to over 10 million, not to mention the top-tier cities all have a population exceeding 15 million). Large and small, this month it has 6 exhibitions (whether it is a full-scale professional wine exhibition or attached as a wine division in a food and drink fairs) held.

In view of cost and geographical coverage concerns, it saves wine promoters business trip expenses (one trip to do many jobs). I have seen and helped some of my clients who did what I just mentioned covering from north (Beijing), center (or the east – Shanghai), to south (Guangzhou), then to Hong Kong (more for other Asian countries’ clients) in less than 3 weeks’ time. While no one could deny, it’s exhaustive and wearing.

Such intensive promotion work is supposed to bring in more business opportunities, while in fact, for the below specified reasons, the result might not happen as expected and anticipated:

  1. You need a Wine Business Practitioner (that’s what we called at, not only an interpreter (not to mention many of these interpreters have no wine knowledge at all). He or she should help you right before and after the exhibitions.

  2. Lack (or insufficient) of professionally-made Chinese promotion materials, these include Chinese website, WeChat site, wine product catalogue/brochure (in both printed and digital copies). Without these, it is very difficult for your visiting guests to remember you.

  3. Business follow-up - follow up is not just follow-up, it gets to be done shortly after (best is even in the duration if you have made good planning and manpower support) the exhibition, and in an effective way. It is always the common practice which I noticed from my past experience, many of these international winery exhibitors went back home for a week or two holidays, after this tension mission in China, but when after they returned from their holidays, their business opportunities (customers) either losing the passions or gone buying from the others.

  4. Pro-active marketing plan and activities are vital and efficient to serious wine marketers, advance communication (email or phone call) to prospective customers (importers/distributors) would bring you much better result in your exhibition during your visit for these exhibition campaign. has a vast database (of these importers/distributors) which could help to inform them of exhibiting winery’s presence and schedule, we could even help our clients to organize small-scale dedicated wine-tasting event to make better result and to build and establish a relationship.

To those international wineries who are interested to learn more of these opportunities, you could contact us at for further communication and arrangement.

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