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Online Marketing Opportunity - Insight and Analysis of Chinese Netizens and WeChat - A Must-Know Mar

Following our Singles Day article posted a few days ago, here are some more data and information which I would like to share with our international winery and wine merchant clients:

By the end of Q2 2016, China has 710 million of netizens, an increase of 21.32 million to the end of 2015. Penetration rate was 51.7%.

Users surfing internet via their smart phones occupied 656 million, an increase of 36.56 million users in comparison to the end of 2015. The mobile users’ percentage increased from 90.1% to 92.5%.

Urban to rural netizen ratio is 73.1% vs 26.9% or 191 million in rural area.

Below is the hardware that Chinese netizens used to access the internet:

To those international wineries and wine merchants who have the exposures to China, for sure most of them, if not all, know what is WeChat and learn how powerful and functional as it is, being a social media and marketing tool to promote and enhance their connectivity to the users, eventually converting them into their customers.

WeChat also known as Weixin (pronounced wei-xin, the Chinese name of WeChat), by the end of the second quarter of 2016, the aggregate users of WeChat exceeded 800 million, a year-on-year growth of 34%. Besides Chinese, WeChat is now supporting another 17 languages (European languages include English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, sorry to our French and German friends, I believe it will come some day).

In WeChat you could text*, call (both video or audio) either one-to-one or to groups you have built and set-up, transfer files (quotation and product photos), sharing moments (updating your contacts of different promotion and marketing activities of yours, like what you are doing exactly in Facebook), make and receive payments (have you ever imagined that you could sell directly of your wine to an end-user in China and receive payment from them, right directly to your pocket), just to name a few. There’re so many beautiful things that one could achieve to do with the powerful WeChat tool. So I’d advise my international friends not to miss to know how important WeChat is, being a useful and effective communication and marketing tool in China, which could help you to do and improve your business and personal experience in China, especially to your wine business and connections to your clients and your friends (I’d dare to say no smartphone sold in China without pre-installed WeChat on it). is on the process to launch a promotion campaign to help our international winery and wine merchant clients to build a WeChat site to promote their wine business in China. Interested parties could contact us at for further communication.

* Long press a received message , it pop-up a translate button to help translating a Chinese message into English (or vice versa, and even to the your mother language, I’ve seen it made from Greek to English).

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