Wine Sales Trend Pattern in China - A Must-Learn Intelligence to International Wine Marketers to Chi

This analysis report prepares to international wineries and wine merchants who export to China an insight to learn of what the yearly sales trend is, based on monthly and quarterly index extracted from data in 2014 & 2015.

We used data provided by the Chinese Custom starting February of the year to prepare the sales trend chart, while to all wine exporters, whether they are from Europe, Oceania, America or Africa, the shipping time in average usually takes around 30 days to 40 days to reach China. So if counting based on exporters’ schedule, it did perfectly match a complete calendar year starting January (the same criterion applicable to all data-chart preparation in this analysis report) for statistical purpose.

The curve started from the lowest activity month (February) and on an upward trend towards the end (next January) of the year (which was also the peak sales month due to the huge Chinese Lunar New Year festival demand). The October sales drawback was due to a post-Mid-Autumn Festival demand drop (which is another peak sale season of the year).

Seeing the quarterly index bar charts below, the interpretation would be much easier, Q1 was a low start, Q2 and Q3 were in a stable average, and the last quarter made up the peak (over 30%) of the year.

A wine business year in China starts from February after the CNY, which is always the lowest and the quietest month in sales activity, then gradually escalates and proceeds moderately to the middle of the year, then reach the peak by the end of the year.

May and June is the first wave of all large and small wine exhibitions organized nationwide which would lead and bring in orders in months after the events, the second wave of wine promotion is usually in October and November which is targeted to build next year’s business.

So for 2017 wine business to China, it’s now the time for export wineries and wine merchants to prepare and make their business plans (whether and when to take part in any exhibitions, wine-tasting events, … etc., budget their marketing and promotion campaign and activities, if otherwise, you would miss to achieve any result in the first half of 2017. could advise, guide and assist our international winery clients for the preparation and deploying all these aspects in a yearly manner approach (working as like you are having your branch office and your own staff in China), so you could have everything prepared and tracked, well-informed and update, in peace of mind. Interested parties could contact us at for the details on how to make this work for you.


Chinese Lunar New Year usually drops between January and February every year, e.g. Jan 31, 2014, Feb 19, 2015, Feb 8, 2016, Jan 28, 2017).

Mid-Autumn Festival usually drops between September to early October every year, e.g. Sep 8, 2014, Sep 27, 2015, Sep 15, 2016, Oct 4, 2017).

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