How Chinese Divide Its Marketplace According to Her Geographical Area ?

China is a huge continent, the second largest economies in the world, and the most dynamic and prosperous marketplace in the coming decades contributed to the global economic growth.

Unlike in the old years back to the eighties and nineties in the last century, China has transformed herself from an industrial, export-oriented economy since 1980s for 30 years, to a gradual formation to a consuming economy (which is good news to all international wine producers).

While to any marketers, it is also the most challenging yet risky task if not managing properly your marketing plan and budget on exploring the Chinese market. It is not possible to sell into this market without knowing the differences between each area, by just applying a uniform marketing strategy.

In order to provide international wineries and wine merchants an understanding on how to work in the Chinese market, we introduce to our readers to learn how China is divided into different, collaborated business areas according to their geographical locations and characteristics.

The top level division of Chinese governance is categorized into 4 municipalities, 22 provinces and 5 autonomous regions. Hong Kong and Macau Special Administrative Regions and Taiwan (which is still politically separated) are not counted due to different governing system runs.

Excluding Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, these 31 administrative entities are divided into 7 zones:

* The population figures shown in the chart are for reference only.

Under these 31 municipalities, provinces and autonomous regions are 334 city level administrations, which majorly covered all the most important political and economic activities in China. has built for years a nation-wide wine distributor database (over 20,000 spread around China), which could help international winery and wine merchant clients to access their first contact to see whether these distributors would be interested to their wine products.

We could help our clients to start a low-cost yet efficient emailing campaign so to see the feedback and response from your future business partners. Interested parties please feel free to contact us at for more details.

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