China Wine Import Data (January to August 2016) - The Large Still Dominated While Georgian and Moldo

The total import wine to China by the end of August 2016 valued US$1,588,622,134 and in 409,563,258 liters, while wine producing countries in the below chart occupied 99.60% and 99.53% respectively.

* The two columns on the right indicate the average unit price change in value and their percentage in comparison to 2015’s total.

French (31% and 44%) and Australian (14.85% and 23.57%) wines still dominated in both volume and value.

Chilean (24.57%) and Spanish (14.80%) wines contributed by volume at the lowest average unit prices (below US$2 per liter).

The top five wine export countries (France, Australia, Chile, Spain and Italy) to China occupied 90% of the whole import wine market in China (in both volume (90.69%) and value (91.04%)).

South African wine performed the worst (dropped 23.48% in average unit price, volume and value were only made 55.2% and 42.2% respectively in comparison to 2015’s total). Other poor performers included Canadian and Romanian wines. The U.S. and German wines were still stagnant and not doing well enough as their larger counterparts.

New force - Bulgarian (17th) and Russian (19th) wines replaced old folks Greek & Montenegrin wines on the top 20 list (Greek wine ranked 18th and Montenegrin wine ranked 19th in 2015).

Top performers were Georgian and Moldova wines despite average unit price dropped 21% and 16% respectively. The two countries’ producers grew their volume by 153% and 116% in comparison to the whole 2015’s record respectively. Export in US dollars grew 121% and 97.5% to the whole 2015’s record respectively. The achievement mainly contributed by their continuous and consistent marketing promotion campaign done in the past few years in China.

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