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Wine Exportation Documents to China I - Why Does It Matter ?

Many wineries tried with big effort to do marketing, promotion, participating in exhibitions to promote their wines to China, congratulations if you succeeded finally securing an order.

You spent your effort to prepare your wine shipment, but please do not ignore or under-estimate the work effort on your, last but not least job - export (shipping) documentation preparation, which many wineries not doing well to consolidate their businesses (either they have no experience at all, or not paying enough attention on this issue).

The missing, incompletion and/or any mistakes and errors made (as minor as to a typing mistake) in the export shipping documents may cause the Chinese Customs, and the commodity inspection and quarantine division (AQSIQ) slow down the processing of the importation and subsequently delay release the goods to your customers (most wineries not knowing that, it will take a minimum of 4 to 6 weeks to process even on a normal condition).

What would be the possible consequences ?

  1. Missing to deliver to catch up the peak sales season (this is typically important in China as some important festivals (also peak wine sales seasons) which may constitute a significant ratio (up to 40%) of the whole year’s sales;

  2. The to-and-fro communications and mailing of the required documents (as most of them needed in original official copies) would bring a lot of work on both sides, incur extra costs and might affect consequently the relationship between the wineries and the Chinese importers/distributors (because of the aforesaid reason);

  3. The worst of the situation, due to the mostly hot weather in China (except winter time in northern China), the long delay and detention of goods at the Customs’ storage may expose your wine goods at critical temperature condition that might eventually deteriorate the quality of the wine.

So a properly done shipping documentation work is important in your last part of this wine sales process. shares with our international winery/wine merchant readers on what to prepare for this work. Please read our next article: Wine Exportation Documents to China - II which we’ll list what needs to be prepared.

Or you could contact our team to help you on this at

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