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Chinese Back Label II – Its Marketing Impact

From the previous article (Chinese back label I – Specifications and Its Legal Impact), international winery owners and wine merchants now understand and know why this small Chinese back label is so important on building their wine businesses in China.

Most wineries care the least to the Chinese back label for their wines exported to China, as this is a job usually handled, during the import procedures, by their Chinese importers and distributors.

While many don’t know, almost all of these importers/distributors are doing the job NOT in a serious approach and attitude, because they only do the fundamental to fulfill the import regulation requirements (to clear the custom, collect and dispatch the goods as quick as possible) while ignoring the post-process: marketing result. So most of them just try the quick and easy way to handle this. In such case, the Chinese back label only plays as an information messenger, to deliver the basic wine information to the customers, and nothing more.

If properly planned and implemented, the combined and inclusive use of QR code and WeChat solutions could include these valuable and useful information into the Chinese back label, i.e. producer, vintage, grape varieties, … which were mentioned in the previous article (of the same subject). On top of that, the winery could use this powerful tool to get known to their customers (who’re drinking your wine), then through social networking activities, to liaise and build their Chinese customer portfolio. is currently developing these value-added solutions, i.e. track and trace, and interactive features (which could connect the producer and the end user) for them to communicate directly through the leading Chinese social networking platform-WeChat.

Winery clients who are interested to this integrated solution could mail us at for details and more information.

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