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A Different Approach and Insight On How To Open The China Wine Market

Why China wine market is so difficult to open? Most, if not all, international wineries and wine merchants don’t know, one of the reasons is the approach Chinese towards wine.

To general wine drinkers in the western world (especially Europe), they master the knowledge and technique on enjoying wine by watching the colour, swirling the glass, sniffing the smell, taste and drink the wine, some of them could tell the sophistication of wines (e.g. from the grape varieties) and whether these are the ones that they like and love.

In China wine market, this approach only applies and is limited to a very minor wine drinking group (a low single-digit percentage). Although the new generation (20s – 30s) start to pick up to learn more about wine, i.e. preparation and procedures, etiquette, wine knowledge and the culture, … etc. because Chinese is not genuinely (at least in the modern age) a wine drinking people. They drink wine because of this is fashionable (their friends and colleagues are drinking wine) and trendy (upper class and elites drink wine), work need (typically in business entertainment), and for healthy reason (red wine in China is regarded as a healthy drink).

Then what determines the Chinese to choose their drinking wine, and how to keep your customers who would remember you (your winery and your wine) so you could sustain your business? These are topics far more complicated. The key point is to tell the most, as much as possible, all stories and facts about the producer (winery) during your marketing and promotional activities in China, and this work must be kept consistent and down into every details of your wine business work, e.g. packaging, Chinese back label, customer retention, value-added service, communications, … etc. ( could here both advise and help).

By learning this, wineries are on a better position to prepare themselves on supporting their Chinese distributors and importers. This do help to build a long-run wine business in China and not to fall into the recurring destiny: “Your First Order is Your Last Order”, i.e. (wine merchant makes no repeated-order business and they need to exhibit every time to look for and develop new customers and new business).

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