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Why A Successful Winery Tour Is Important to Your China Wine Business

Many wineries have welcomed and entertained a lot of Chinese wine merchants (importers and distributors) to visit their wineries. You spent time, effort and money to prepare and arrange everything to welcome your VIPs. You extended your warm hospitality and everything looked fine during the visit.

Spending a half or a day at the winery, seeing the vineyard and the production, tasting wines in the cellar and maybe having a dinner as the final section. Over the table, a lot of “big words” talked. Host and guests were all having fun and enjoyed a lot and you anticipated further progress and advancement (that said more businesses) with your Chinese customers,

While after your Chinese guests returned home, it barely happened anything. You tried to contact and they seldom replied. And you couldn’t figure out why?

The possible reasons might respond to the nature of how these winery tours were organized? Who were the organizers (wineries? your agents or other third party organizers) ? Did it have a clear goal to achieve during the visit (or it’s just a sightseeing tour) and any sufficient communication been made in advance, e.g. in order to enhance sales and/or relationships, prior to the visit.

All these jobs need to plan well and prepare in advance. If doing a good job, you should make big improvement on generating more businesses and establishing stronger and healthier liaison and long-term relationships with your distributor customers; otherwise it’s just a waste of time and money with unpleasant experience. will provide a series articles to introduce an in-depth analysis, real-life case, and guide on how to plan and implement a successful winery tour to enhance your wine business in China.

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