Imported Alcoholic Drinks Analysis – Jan to May 2016

China imported US$1.79 billion of alcoholic drinks from January to May 2016, a continuous strong growth (42.3%) after 2015’s yearly 34% rebounce. Wine, beer and spirit occupied aggregately 85.8% of the share (by value).

Wine shared 56.2% and 24.1% in terms of import value and volume respectively. The detailed breakdown of each type of the wine products shows below:

Sparkling wine’s average imported price dropped another 10% in comparison to 2015’s due to the continuous shrinkage of the market. Most of the retailed prices of sparkling wine in China are now sold at CNY 100 (€13.5, A$20 or US$15) per 750ml-bottle or less. While bottled wine and bulk wine’s unit imported prices have a 9.7% and 7.3% increase respectively.

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