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China Wine Business Practitioner – Your Key Person Who Contribute to Make Your Wine Business Succeed

Many international wineries and wine merchants who come to China for promoting and selling their wines, whether a new entrant or an old hand, who all inevitably would recruit an interpreter to help, especially in an exhibition. This is good as they realize that without the right assistant to help on spot, they have no way to communicate effectively to all visiting guests in the exhibitions they take part.

While what about after the three-day exhibition, their mission would finish, and who else would continue the sales follow up job? These interpreters are always either referred by the exhibition organizer, or who are lobbying to sell themselves before the exhibition, or who you have worked with in the past exhibitions.

But what about their qualities? Are you sure he or she is doing the right job (interpretation quality)? Does he or she have the wine knowledge to interpret and deliver precisely the correct information to your prospective customers? Does he or she have wine business knowledge and background? Very likely not.

Under these circumstances, how would you know these visiting guests really understand what you want to tell them, and vice versa, and not to mention to expect a result from their effort and contribution.

At CWB, we provide the service to support our international winery clients by appointing quality China Wine Business Practitioner to:

  • support in exhibitions;

  • follow up all sales lead acquired in the exhibitions;

  • accompany our winery clients to visit their prospective customers (importers or distributors);

  • play as winery client’s staff to follow up all business activities in China

and many more.

Besides, CWB’s specialist team could help training your and your distributors’ staff to achieve a higher career standard in the wine business industry.

For interested parties, please contact us to provide your schedule (whether long or short term), we could prepare you an offer and would deliver result far more than your expectation. At CWB, we support you by a team, instead of an individual.


At CWB, we determine a qualified China Wine Business Practitioner should fulfill the below minimum criteria:

  • Fluency in English, an added advantage to master another major European language (French, German, Spanish or Italian) in the wine world;

  • Been trained or educated and grasp basic wine knowledge;

  • Have an overall and comprehensive understanding to know the wine business practices in China, e.g. import, distribution, sales and promotion, customer service, … etc.

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