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Exhibiting in China Without a Comprehensive Preparation Is a Waste of Your Promotion Budget

June 29, 2016


There’re about 5 largest and most well-known wine exhibitions in China every year which spread in Chengdu, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Beijing (according to their operating schedules) and many smaller scale, domestic wine exhibitions making it all between 15 to 20 wine exhibitions in each year.


International winery exhibitors are in the number of tens, twenties or to a hundred or more depending on the size of the exhibitions, while only very few of them succeeded to make a result. These international wineries know that they need to be in China to promote themselves and their wines for opening the market, while most of them, if not all, are not doing it properly to extend and strengthen the result.


According to our past experience, these top-notch exhibitions would cost the winery exhibitors about a gross cost of EUR7,000 for sending 1 staff on a 9 sq.m. standard fixture booth, plus the support by an interpreter, an additional EUR2,100 cost for sending one more staff to help (details of breakdown see below).


While to the result, most (could be as high as to 90% which was not unusual) made no result at all and the others might get some small orders*.  This was due to the missing of proper Chinese marketing materials (printed and digital), experience local sales staff (speaking Chinese and having wine business knowledge background) and a systematic sales follow-up approach on and after the exhibitions. 


An effective way to improve this is, by shifting this extra staff fee (EUR2,100), which is 30% of the package price to recruit ChinaWineBusiness.com’s service package for supporting in these exhibitions, your result will be greatly improved 3 times, 5 times or even better in comparing to the aforementioned situation.  This will make your exhibition money spent more justified and assure a more guarantee ROI (return-on-investment).


This package includes:

1. Chinese literature materials (inclusive of translation, design and production) includes:

  • Chinese catalogue / pamphlet / flyer [500 copies]

  • Chinese business card (bilingual version) [500 copies]

2. Chinese website

3. WeChat site

4. WeChat personal account

5. Experience Wine Business Assistant (dual role being your salesperson and interpreter) who would help on exhibition and follow up sales lead after the show.


To any parties who is interested to our Exhibition Support Package, please contact us at info@ChinaWineBusiness.com for more details.


* Wineries and wine merchants who are selling very-low-price wine (e.g. EUR1,00 per bottle) on private or OEM labels are not counted in this statistics.



A scenario is, for a small to medium-size European winery, who send 1 representative to China for participating in a top class wine exhibition the first time in one of the major marketplace (e.g. Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou), staying there for 5 days (3 exhibiting days), the total cost would be around:


Exhibiting fee (approximately CNY 30,000 per                                   EUR 4,000

 9 sq.m. standard booth, furnished with basic facilities)


Airfare (Europe to China round trip)                                                    EUR 1,200


Accommodation (about @EUR 120/night, breakfast included)          EUR    480


Meal (about @EUR 90/day)                                                                EUR    450


Local travelling expenses & miscellaneous                                       EUR    180


Interpreter (@CNY 500/day, for 3 days)                                             EUR    200


Shipping cost of sample wine and brochures (sea freight)               EUR    250


Cost of sample wine (60 bottles of different labels,                           EUR    180


average @EUR 3.00/bottle)                                                                ---------------

                                                                               Gross total:          EUR 6,940


In such case, if sending one more staff from the winery to support the exhibition will cost an additional EUR 2,100 approximately.  That makes a total cost around EUR 9,000.


** Exhibitions in non-first tier cities would save about 50% on the exhibition fee which makes the total cost around EUR5,000 (a saving of 28.5%), or EUR 7,200 for two delegates.



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