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Tell the Most of Your Wine to The Customers So They Could Remember You

In the exhibition (TopWineChina 2016) just finished in Beijing, our Greek client has made a successful launch of their top line Theopetra Estate organic wine after changing new labels, label materials and upgrading to a higher quality bottles used.

In the exhibitions, our colleagues (representing as the staff of the winery, which was part of our service) presented to visitors of the detailed story of these new changes.

It was the grape juices dropped on a papyrus paper and diffused for a certain minute, a photo was shot and made the design of the labels. In addition, the uniqueness and rarity of the special Greek grape varieties also helped to draw furthermore the interest of the customers.

These have helped to make very positive feedback from the customers in the under-listed responses:

  1. Almost none (if there’s still a few) queried about the price in comparison to other countries’ wines as Greek wine is not a famous and popular wine producer. In the old days it was often pressed by customers who considered its prices should be lower in comparison to major wine producing countries’;

  2. Many requested and placed sample wine orders for further tasting;

  3. Some customers even called after the exhibition to follow up the arrangement of sample wines and the details of orders (this is seldom happened to Chinese customers who actively traced to a supplier after the show).

To international wineries (wine exporters) selling to China, you all know promoting and selling wine is a very demanding, and challenging job, no matter you’re from which (wine producing) countries, your most challenge on meeting a visiting client after tasting your wine (should your wine meet to their tastes) is price, price, … price.

Why is it like this, because your customers (whether they are distributors or end-users), though they may still like your wines, what they concern is price but nothing, since you could deliver no more to them (the same as to what they would do to convey to their customers). There’s no any differences and no way to differentiate themselves in the competition, not to say an effective approach which could help to build and implant the wine brand into their customers.

So if your wines have some similar stories, don’t be stingy to use this as a weapon to open your customers’ mind and heart.

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