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A Good Chinese Name Do Help Your Wine Business

Most of international wineries sell their wines into China without a Chinese name, whether for their wineries or their label wines. While according to Chinese label regulations, a Chinese name is required for all imported wine (applicable both to OEM and private label wines). So if it is not the producer who is in charge to take care of this job, very likely it’s your importers, agents and/or distributors who made this on their own discretion. In this case, can’t you imagine that your brand may have more than one Chinese brandnames (which may vary in meaning differently) circulating and selling in China, how you’re going to capitalize your marketing and promotion campaign and investment in building your brand in China, not to mention even for Chinese customers to remember and recall your brand for future buying.

Coining a Chinese name for a wine business (for winery and wine labels) is not easy, the job must consider most, if not all, of the below elements and guidelines:

  • Easy to read

  • East to remember

  • Meaningful

  • Easy to communicate / circulate

  • Related stories

  • Related to industry attributes

The two most common ways to coin this Chinese name is to translate by either transliteration or paraphrase (express the meaning by using different words to achieve greater clarity) approaches.

There is no which is better than the other, but it is really a matter of the knowledge to Chinese language, the culture (e.g. dos and don’ts), the business objective and market positioning, professionalism

A popular example is the Australian reputable winery - Penfolds. Its Chinese name is made 奔富 (transliterated in “ben” “fu” or “benfu” as a whole, the first word 奔 pronounced “ben” means “dash” “march” the second word 富 is wealth. So 奔富 has a meaning of “marching towards wealth” which is a lucky translation in Chinese, and a definite asset with such Chinese name as their brand.

Lastly, do not forget to register your trademark of the Chinese name besides the one of your original language (i.e. English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, … etc.). The Chinese title registration has caused the French Lafite and Castel groups involved in long-lasting legal proceedings in China with a number of local companies for years. could help international winery clients to make proper Chinese names of their own (for both winery and the wine labels) which they could use for marketing and promotion in China as well as for brand protection in long term consideration. Please contact us at for further details and request an offer.

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