Protect Your Brand: Do It Early and Do It Right

Brand protection - the importance of trademark registration

Soon or later (in months or years) international wineries would have a chance to look into selling to China, the world’s largest potential wine market in the coming decades, unless your sales out-sell your production capacity. It took China the past 25 years to build until today an average 2-bottle wine consumption per capita, while it is estimated that it would only take the next 5 years or shorter to double this volume.

Booming to domestic wine producers, as well as to international wineries, with the popularity and friendly pricing (more affordable) to imported wine, it is the trend that, if available and with well-informed product information, Chinese wine drinkers tend to choose drinking imported wine, in consideration of quality and food safety concern (a typical Chinese problem). And it is a common practice there’re a lot of local Chinese wine merchants who produce fake and counterfeited wine to capitalize the prestigious brands of these imported wines, especially those are in good sales and with a popular and credible brands.

The ways of these manipulation are diverse, through creating similar and alike brands, logos, ... and many others. The French famous “Lafite” and “Castel” brand owners had been in judicial proceedings in China with the local offenders for years, unfortunately the luck was not on their sides. So spending a little time and money to register your trademarks in China in advance, is an investment and protection for your long term interests. is here to help and provide solutions to all sorts of your requirements. You could click here to download and learn in more details of our trademark

registration service.

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