What You Should Know Before Deploying Your Yearly Wine Sales Plan to China

Other than your promotion work which might improve your wine sales result, another and probably the most important factor is whether you have your stock (wine) made available for delivery for the two most important Chinese festivals to capture the peak sales season orders.

Counting the shipment, for example, from European ports to China takes 30 to 40 days (subjects to different Chinese harbour which may take a few days more), there’s another 30 to 35 days to process the import declaration, goods inspection and quarantine, Chinese back labels approval, issue of Certificate of Sanitary … etc. Only after getting the Certificate of Sanitary, then your agent/importer client could start to make delivery to fulfill their orders to their distributor/retailer clients.

For your reference, the sale generates from the Spring Festival season could occupy between 40% to 45%, and some even go up to half of the yearly sales. Mid-Autumn Festival season sale occupies around 20% to 25%, so in general speaking, the two peak sales period could occupy two-thirds or over of the whole year sales.

To international wineries and wine merchants don’t have any agent or importer for the preparation of this, you could contact us and let CWB team to help you to plan and deploy for this. Just send to us your inquiries at info@ChinaWineBusiness.com and we could provide you the professional service and advice on how to achieve to make this.

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