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Participating Wine Exhibition – Step One to China Wine Business

It’s the showtime.

Whether you (international wineries or wine merchants) are new and are now planning to explore the China wine market, or you have been in business in China for some time, participating in domestic wine exhibitions is the most fundamental and essential part to let the Chinese customers know your wine products, and also for you to know the Chinese wine market.

There are two peak exhibition periods in a year. The first (also the most important) is in May and June, which is generally used to launch new wine products and is scheduled to fetch the orders targeted to deliver to captured Mid-Autumn Festival’s peak sales season in August/September. Another exhibition period is in October/November which targets to capture the sales order for Chinese Lunar New Year (or Spring Festival) holiday targeted to deliver in December and January in the next year.

Besides registering to participate in an exhibition, there comes more jobs to do in order to assure your exhibition investment a result.

Please click here to see the exhibition list of 2016.

Remarks: Mid-Autumn Festival and Chinese Lunar New Year holiday (or Spring Festival) are the two most important festivals in China which generate huge demand and intense activities on gifting, hospitality, business entertainment both for families and friends, as well as business communities.

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