Wine Merchants Shouldn’t Ignore Online Promotion and Sales Opportunities

The internet population (netizen) in China reached 688 million by the end of 2015, an increase of 39.51 million or 6.1% to the previous year, released by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). The popularity rate increased from 2014’s 47.9% to 50.3%.

The number of netizens surfed internet on their mobile devices (mostly from their smart phones) increased 63.03 million to 619.81 million, occupied 90.1% of the total internet population (85.8% in 2014).

Below charts show some demographic analysis for reference:

Online payment user population reached 416 million, an increase of 36.8%, and online payment through mobile device reached 358 million, an increase of 64.5% to 2014.

A simple mathematics shown, from the internet population whose age are between 20 to 59, there are 496 million people or 72.1% of the netizen are the potential wine consumer. If counted by their income and spending power (monthly income CNY3,000 and up, it would be 274.5 million or 39.9% of netizen who are afford to pay to appreciate wine. will guide our international winery clients and wine merchants in the future articles and reports on how to deploy and prepare themselves to sell their wine products in China.

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