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Top Wine Exporting Countries to China in 2015

2015’s imported wine sales in China gained a strong rebounce from the slump caused by China’s national anti-corruption campaign since 2013. The value and volume increased to US$2.039 billion and 5.55 million hectoliters, a growth of 34.3% and 44.6% respectively.

France, Australia and Chile acquired approximately 80% of the imported bottled wine market in both value and volume (78.7% and 82.6%).

  • Winning countries (36% to 79% increase) – South Africa and Australia top the list, others include Chile, France & Georgia.

  • Moderate growth countries (12% to 23% increase) - Spain, Argentina, Portugal & Moldova

  • Defending countries (no growth) - Italy and Canada

  • Losing countries (-11% to -22%) - New Zealand, U.S.A and Germany

Australian wine was also made the largest gain on the per-liter average pricing. This unit price increase, because of the ongoing anti-corruption campaign, was probably the reason which drove the elite Chinese business entertainment spending, to shift to drink the popular but lower price,i.e. Penfold by replacing the traditional and expensive grand cru and first growth of French Bordeaux and Burgundy wines.


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