Analysis to 2015’s China Imported Wine, Spirits and all Alcoholic Drinks

China imported approximately US$3.86 billion of alcoholic drinks in 2015, a 34% rebounce from 2013 and 2014 slump due to the central government’s heavy blow on national anti-corruption campaign and economic slowdown. Of wine, spirit, and beer occupied almost 90% of the pie (by value).

Wine shared 52.9% and 29.9% in terms of import value and volume respectively. The detailed breakdown of each type of the wine products shows below:

The data shown that bottled still wine still dominated the total import in value and volume by 92% & 71% respectively, and sparkling wine resumed to a normal from the burst experienced in 2013 & 2014. Bulk wine also captured the momentum and benefit from this rebounce, while it is the trend that more and more Chinese wine consumers are more preferable to buy imported bottled wine in consideration of quality, confidence and friendlier pricing.

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