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Wine Import

Provide comprehensive wine import service to wineries’ clients to import their wine products into China, whether for fulfilling orders to customers, or merely a small quantity stock for supporting exhibitions.


The full scope of work includes import declaration and clearance, payment of custom duty and other taxes, fares and fees to different related parties on behalf of clients, Chinese back label preparation, quarantine and inspection, Sanitary Certificate, storage, packing and delivery service to customers.

Chinese Literature Materials

Translate client’s original brochure and/or catalogue as well as official website content of those necessary information to produce Chinese brochure, which includes the introduction of winery, wine products, … etc.


Build a Chinese website.

Build a Chinese WeChat site - nowadays an essential and powerful tool which could reach hundred thousand or more potential customers.

Sales Follow-up

Help our wineries’ clients to follow up their new and/or existing customers (especially those from exhibitions) to conclude deals and acquire sales orders.

Product Positioning

Our wine expert will sensory evaluate, sip and analyze our clients’ wine products according to their levels, packaging, pricing, then to propose an appropriate market positioning, and recommend a pricing strategy.

Consultation and Advisory

This is to help scale winery conglomerate clients to consult and advise their top-level and overall strategies in China, from short to long term.

Training Service

Our wine master will provide professional training to our clients’ distributors and their staff in general wine knowledge, the specialties of their wines, as well as on how to successfully promote their wines to the customers.

Recruiting of Salesperson

To international winery clients who have the need and plan to build their local sales team, we provide the service to seek, screen, evaluate and recommend to our clients’ final review and decision.

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Local Office Setup

Chinese customers (whether distributors or consumers) tend to buy from wineries who have their operations (office contact) in China in consideration of easier communication (both language and efficiency).


We provide comprehensive support to play as our clients’ own team and operation (virtual or real) in China.

Exhibition Support

We provide comprehensive service to support a successful exhibition for our clients.  This includes but not limit to, well-trained wine knowledge exhibition assistant (not only an interpreter), full set Chinese marketing and sales materials, elaborating and summarizing visitors’ record and extracting potential customers, efficient sales lead follow up (right after the exhibition), delivery of sample wine to interest prospective customers, delivery small quantity trial order and receive payment (if necessary) on behalf of clients.  Regular written report to clients of activity and result.

Trans-City Roadshow Promotion

A supplemental half-day wine-tasting event hopping city to city, usually covering second-tier and third-tier yet important potential market cities besides Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou which don’t have professional and quality wine exhibiting opportunities.  Details of the scope of work is similar to Exhibition Support, our experience staff could accompany the winery owner, or work independently as your staff to take care all the jobs.


Please          for the details of 2016’s roadshow plan. 

Wine-Tasting Event

Organize for our clients' individual wine-tasting event according to their objectives, budget and preference.  This could be a small and warm event to entertain a small group (20-30) of specific audience (e.g. distributors).  Or it could also be a scale, new product launch and release event to entertain a large group of guests.

CRM Program

We use the most powerful and influential tool - WeChat, an APP theoretically could reach all Chinese smartphone users (approximately 620 million by the end of 2015) to liaise your customers and potential customers to your WeChat site.  Our team could operate your WeChat site and help replying and making all the communications to your customers, under your title.  If necessary, you could also design and set personalized campaign to enhance and promote your wine business at specific period, e.g. Chinese New Year season.

Customer Loyalty Program

This includes the protection to your brand, your products, your customers.


MagicTAG - a practical, useful and powerful tool to protect your brand, authenticate your wines and prevent counterfeit products, provide peace-of-mind and confidence to your customers.  Last but not least, you may even make direct contact to consumers who buy and drink your wine products through WeChat (see also CRM Program).


Launch schedule:   September 2016

Winery Tour and Visit

The visit to the winery is an effective mean to enhance your business opportunities and liaise the wine maker to the Chinese customers (applicable both to distributors and to consumers).  Depending on your facilities, conditions and availability, we could help our winery clients to plan these winery vacation tour and wine-making experience tour and organize Chinese delegates to participate and visit.

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