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China Wine Business team commits to help international wineries who are interested and plan to market and sell their wines to the consumers in China.  We provide from the fundamental “China landing” services, e.g. import, storage, logistics, make of your product literature in Chinese to comprehensive service package which include marketing, promotion, exhibition support and branding services, just like having your own branch operation run in China.


To demanding customers, we could even customize services and solutions to meet their specific need, and would also advise and consult from a strategic level of decisions on helping them to establish sustainable business in the long run. is operated by LiFICA eCommerce Guangzhou Limited, a company based in Guangzhou, with full license to import, distribute and sell wine and spirits. 


* LiFICA is coined and composed by three words: Living, Fidelity and Eureka !


Our Vision

Bring Imported Wine Closer to Chinese Consumers.


Our Mission

Lead International Winery Clients to Succeed in the China Wine Business.


Our Goal

Be China’s Most Reputable and Professional Wine Business Service Provider.


Our Objectives

  • Provide full scope of services and business solutions to international wineries who plan to develop their China wine business.

  • Be the most trustworthy working partner to our international winery clients to help their wine business succeeded in China.

  • Build a national network and establish connections to extend our reach and support our clients’ businesses nationwide.



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